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The Big Picture at Saturn October 20, 2009

Posted by Peter Hornby in astronomy.

You’re familiar with “The Big Picture“, right?  Three days a week, Alan Taylor, a developer for the Boston Globe’s website, publishes a set of high-res photographs of, well, almost anything interesting which comes across his desk – the last couple of entries have looked at World Animal Day 2009 and the World Gymnastics Championships in London.  Pretty much every post is worth looking at – Taylor’s approach of providing huge, beautiful, high-quality images makes for compelling viewing.

And now he’s left Earth entirely.  The most recent post is a set of shots of Saturn captured by the Cassini spacecraft, and they’re some of the most incredible images I’ve ever seen.  Just keep in mind what you’re looking at, and how these images were created, and, if you’re like me, you’ll be lost for superlatives.

If you want more, keep an eye on the Planetary Society’s blog, run by Emily Lakdawalla.  Emily keeps track of pretty much everything going on in the world of Solar System exploration – Messenger at Mercury, Cassini at Saturn, Spirit and Opportunity on Mars, and it’s well worthwhile taking a look every now and then.

And, finally, this is not the first time The Big Picture has showcased Cassini.  Take a look at this set, published in May 2008 and representing a selection of the best images returned by Cassini over the four years (now five and still going strong) of its mission.  Just jawdroppingly amazing!



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