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Spring is here. Bah humbug March 2, 2009

Posted by Peter Hornby in Uncategorized.

Sping is undoubtedly here, and what a pleasure it is to hear the sound of birdsong once more.  How lovely to hear our feathered friends trilling their little hearts out as they advertise their prowess with their delightful repertoire of songs.

Except that you’re in the tree outside my bedroom window and IT’S ELEVEN O’CLOCK AT BLOODY NIGHT.

Go to sleep already. Everyone else is trying to.



1. Patti - March 6, 2009

We used to have the effing cliff swallows, who didn’t seem to care that the eaves right outside our bedroom window are a) not a cliff and b) not in San Juan Capistrano. Liltle squeaky bastards swooping around at 5:30 AM, creating giant bat-like shadows on the bedroom wall… grrrr.

Come spring of our *second* year in the house, it was me and my trusty garden hose (with newly purchased high velocity sprayer head) versus the WannaBe Mama Swallow’s nest-building attempts… every morning for about 5 weeks.

I love nature. I love sleep more. Just keep on flyin’, sister, SJC is thataway.

2. Peter Hornby - March 6, 2009

Well, after three nights, peace returned to our aural environment. The excited, full-throated chirping was gone, replaced by the low, gentle tones of an owl. I confess to the hope that the owl had tried a tasty variation from his normal diet of small nocturnal rodents and eaten the noisy little buggers.

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