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Hummingbird Nest June 16, 2008

Posted by Peter Hornby in laguna beach, local, personal.

Spring is in the air, and our local hummingbird population has decided (or two of them have) that it’s time to make babies. This nest has appeared in a large bougainvillea vine draped around our garage door. Mama is pretty skittish at the best of times, and one wonders at the wisdom of bulding a nest which gets disturbed every time we open the garage door. Still, never mind. We’ll try to be gentle.

This nest is about two inches across, and the two eggs are probably half an inch or so. We’ve watched hummingbird nests before, and by the time the two chicks arrive at the point where they’re ready to fly, they are way, way oversized for the nest. I’ll see if I can find a photograph – it’s pretty amusing.



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