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Moving mail from Outlook to Gmail December 5, 2007

Posted by Peter Hornby in worklife.

For reasons which may become apparent – or which may not – I thought it would be a good idea to move some of the squaggabytes of Outlook e-mail I’ve accumulated over to Gmail.  I found lots of suggestions on the web, but not much that was too useful until I ran across a blog entry from Zoli Erdos which told me exactly what I needed to know.  The key point is that Gmail, as of about a month or so ago, now supports IMAP.  And since Outlook 2003, which is what I’m using, allows you to create an IMAP account, you’re off to the races. 

The only wrinkle from my perspective was that either the receive (IMAP) connection, on port 993, or the send (SMTP) connection, on port 465, or both, are blocked by my corporate firewall, so I had to do this from home. It takes a while over a standard upstream cable connection, but I think I have all my personal mail moved to Gmail now, just over 110 MB worth.  The IMAP integration is really nice.  You can create, delete and edit mailbox folders in Outlook, and they’re turned magically into Gmail labels.  The header addresses and timestamps are maintained.  All in all, a good experience.

Now we’ll see whether I was being paranoid about the need to do this in the first place.



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